St Johns Perth


 Weekday Church Open Times – Thurs 12-2pm Come and speak with one of our Elders, or just take the opportunity for some quiet time in the church. .
St Johns Lutheran Aberdeen Street, Perth

Photo by Pastor Andre Meyer

Regular Service Times
Saturday  6.00pm
Sunday  8.30 & 10.10am
 10.45 (Mandarin)
 12.30 (Korean)
 2:00pm (German) 3rd Sunday Month
 4:00pm (Slovak) 4th Sunday Month

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 Coming Up
 Bible Study  Monday, 10am, 24 April & 1 May
 Bible Study  Thursday, 10am, 4 May
 Board Games – All Welcome  Saturday 5pm, 29 April
 Confirmation  Friday 5.50pm, 5 May
 Youth  Friday 7.30pm, 5 May
 Friday Forum
 Friendship Group  2nd & 4th Wed 11am, 26 April & 10 May
 Women’s Group (WEGs)  1st Wed, 3 May 7pm – suburbs
 WINGS Ladies Fellowship  3rd Wed, 7pm – Lounge
Each Week
AA Monday to Friday 11.30am  Lounge
English Classes Mon & Wed 9.30-11.30am  Various
Art Class Wednesday 9.30am  Class Room