St Johns Perth


Reformation Sunday 30 October

Combined church service at 9.30am 

Celebrate with us and stay for by lunch!

More information here: Longest Lutheran Lunch Flyer

 Regular Service Times
 Saturday  6:00pm
 Sunday  8:30am & 10:10am
 Sunday  10.45am (Mandarin)
 Sunday  12.30pm (Korean)
 Sunday  4:00pm (Slovak) 4th Sunday Month
 Sunday  2:00pm (German) 3rd Sunday Month
St Johns Lutheran Aberdeen Street, Perth

Photo by Pastor Andre Meyer

 Weekday Church Open Times – Tues & Thurs 12-2pm Come and speak with one of our Elders, or just take the opportunity for some quiet time in the church.
 Coming Up
 Combined Reformation Day Service  Sun 30 Oct, 9.30am ONLY
 Longest Lutheran Lunch  Sun 30 Oct, 11am
 Friday Forum  Fri 29 Oct
 Bible Study Fortnightly  Mon 31 Oct, 10am
 Friendship Group  Wed 26 Oct, 11am
 Youth & Confirmation  Fri 4 Nov, 5.50 & 7.30pm
Each Week
Prayer Meeting Monday 10am
Christian Meditation Saturday 11.30am  Lounge
AA Monday to Friday 11.30am  Lounge
English Classes Mon & Wed 9.30-11.30am  Various
Art Class Wednesday 9.30am  Class Room