Gather every second Friday evening (7:30pm), and other times, for for wild activities and deep conversations. 

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There’ll be games and activities, with Bible study.

Date Activity Details When Where Cost Reading
Sunday 27 May Zoo Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my.  It’s Zoo time 11:30am-4pm meet and return to St Johns $10 Joshua 5-8
 1 June Squash Time to have a ball making a racquet.  Let’s play some squash 7:30pm-10pm meet and return to St Johns $10 Joshua 9-12
Saturday 2 June Youth Worship Service LYWA Youth Service at St Johns.  Food, activities and worship service 6pm-9pm St Johns
15 June Stupid Ideas We’ve all had some.  Games, activities and discussion 7:30pm-9:30pm St Johns Nil Joshua 13-15
29 June Sleepover Video games, board games, sleep and breakfast in the hall 7:30pm-10am St Johns Nil  Joshua 22-24