Gather every second Friday evening (7:30pm)  for wild activities and deep conversations. More Details on Facebook Program for Semester 1 – 2017

Date Activity Details When Where Cost Reading

28 May  SUNDAY Escape Room  Put your heads together and get out before times runs out  11.30am-3pm  Meet and return to St Johns Court  $20  Mark 10-12
2 June  Volleyball  Dig, set and spike  7.30-10pm  Meet and return to St Johns Court  $5  Mark 13-14
16June  42  Life, the Universe and Everything – Activities & Discussion  7.30-9.30pm  St Johns Court  Nil  Mark 15-16
30 June  Aggressive Dinner  We’ve done progressive and regressive  7.30-9.30pm  St Johns Court  Nil  Exodus 1-4